Valid Aeronautical Information Circulars


Last updated 02 April 2024

International AICs - Series A

AIC  Nr Subject AD/State AIC Eff Date
2002-05 Documents to be Carried on Board Civil Aircraft Trinidad and Tobago 24th Jan 2002
2002-07 Policy for use of Global Positioning System (GPS) OECS 24th Jan 2002
2002-09 Eastern Caribbean ACAS Policy and Implementation Schedule in the Piarco FIR OECS 24th Jan 2002
2002-10 Requirements for use of GNSS in the Piarco FIR Trinidad and Tobago 24th Jan 2002
2004-02 High Density Helicopter operations Trinidad and Tobago 1st Jan 2004
2004-06 General Procedures for flight Crew license Trinidad and Tobago 1st Jun 2004
2004-07 Validation of Foreign Licenses Trinidad and Tobago 1st Jun 2004
2004-08 Trinidad & Tobago Civil Aviation Act and Regulations – Availability Trinidad and Tobago 1st Jul 2004
2004-10 Foreign Operator Requirement for Operations Specification Trinidad and Tobago 1st Jul 2004
2005-06 Journey Permit Requirement – Non Scheduled/Charter Flights Trinidad and Tobago 7th Oct 2005
2007-03 Database Interrogation Procedures Trinidad and Tobago 1st Jan 2007
2007-06 New format – TTCAA Airman Knowledge Examinations Trinidad and Tobago 1st May 2007
2009-07 New License Format Trinidad and Tobago 25th Mar 2009
2009-09 Foreign Operator – Operations Specifications Trinidad and Tobago 1st Sep 2009
2010-03 Collection of airport Charges Grenada 26th Jul 2010
2010-06 Approved Aircraft Handling Agencies Nevis 15th Dec 2010
2016-01 FANS-1/A OPERATIONS IN THE PIARCO FIR Trinidad and Tobago 07th Jul 2016
2016-06 Piarco FIR (TTZP) RVSM Implementation Trinidad and Tobago 01st Nov 2016
2016-08 Schedule of Fees for Air Transport Licences and Permits Trinidad and Tobago 08th Dec 2016
2017-03 Aircraft Handling Procedures Antigua 20th Jan 2017
2018-02 Advanced Passenger Information System Trinidad and Tobago 12th Mar 2018
2018-03 Policy on Private Aircraft Operations into GFL Charles Airport Saint Lucia Air and Seaports Authority 12th Mar 2018
2018-07 Airport Development Charge Saint Lucia Air and Seaports Authority 24th Apr 2018
2018-09 Issuance of Permits to Conduct Commercial Flights into & out of Trinidad & Tobago Trinidad and Tobago 23rd August 2018
2019-14 Privately owned NDB Installed Trinidad and Tobago 25th Nov 2019
2021-02 Removal of notice of flight prohibition (Boeing 737 MAX 8 & 737 MAX 9 ) Trinidad and Tobago 15th Jan 2021
2021-05 Implementation of the ICAO Global Reporting Format (GRF) Trinidad and Tobago 03rd Nov 2021
2022-03 User Preferred Routes in the Piarco FIR Trinidad and Tobago 08th Sep 2022
2022-04 Alert Level of the La Soufriere Volcano Trinidad and Tobago 15th Sep 2022
2023-01 Aircraft Requirements for Entry into Dominica Commonwealth of Dominica 20th Mar 2023
2023-03 eAIP Eastern Caribbean Amendment Service 2024/2025 Trinidad and Tobago 04th Oct 2023
Local AICs – Series B
2019-B01 Aeronautical Information Promulgation Advice Form Trinidad and Tobago 27th Sep 2019

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