eAIP Acquisition Form

Eastern Caribbean eAIP Acquisition Form


Subscription period January to December 2022

The Eastern Caribbean (E/CAR) Aeronautical Information Products are available on the TTCAA website.

Those who wish to receive the eAIP must note the following:

  1. The E/CAR eAIP is available free of charge to all State Civil Aviation bodies with whom Piarco AIS has a free exchange arrangement.
  2. At present, the E/CAR eAIP is updated three times per year. Effective dates are notified via AIC. Click to View AIC
  3. The current eAIP contains AIP Supplements and AICs up to the date indicated in the list found in the eAIP as well as web-links to current AIP Sups, AICs and NOTAM on the TTCAA website.
  4. As part of this subscription, electronic copies of all AIP Supplements, AICs and monthly NOTAM Summaries will be emailed to subscribers.
  5. Due to the fact that the eAIP is updated three times a year, one time purchases are not recommended,however, a onetime purchase is available.



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