Safety Regulation Division (SRD)

As a signatory to the Chicago Convention, Trinidad and Tobago has an obligation for the oversight of all aviation activities in the

ICAO Document 9734 Chapter 2 defines the safety oversight obligation as “a function by means of which States ensure the effective
implementation of the safety-related standards and recommended practices and related procedures contained in the Annexes to the Convention on International Civil Aviation and related ICAO documents”.

 This provision of safety oversight is further described as the foundation of safe global aircraft operations.

 The nature of this obligation hinges on, effectively discharging the relevant responsibilities for, the licensing of operational personnel, certification of aircraft, air operators, and aerodromes. The control and supervision of these personnel and operators, products and organizations, provision of air traffic services, search and rescue services, charts and the provision of information, and aircraft accident and incident investigation.

To ensure that the system is effective, the State must ensure that all the relevant safety elements are implemented and functional. To this end there are eight (8) critical elements that comprises the safety oversight system and which Trinidad and Tobago has instituted and maintains. These eight (8) critical elements are:

              i.     Primary aviation regulation,

             ii.     Specific operating regulation,

            iii.     CAA structure and safety oversight functions,

            iv.      Technical guidance,

             v.      Qualified technical personnel,

             vi.     Licensing and certification obligation,

             vii.    Continued surveillance obligation, and

             viii.   Resolution of safety issues.

 The main sections of the Safety Regulation Division are:

            •             Aviation Security and Facilitation

            •             Flight Standards

            •             Cabin Safety and Dangerous Goods

            •             Personnel Licensing

            •             Quality Assurance and Investigations

            •             Regulations and Compliance