Method of Issuance of Licence

The Authority utilizes three (3) methods for the issuance of personnel licence: 

           ·        Direct Issuance

           ·        Conversion

           ·        Validation


The main difference between direct issuance, conversion and validation of licence is the manner in which the competency of the applicant is assessed for the issue, renewal or reissue of a licence. 


          ·         Direct Issuance

                This is the process by which the Authority establishes its own system of ensuring compliance with each of the personnel  licensing requirements                 before the issuance of a licence.The Authority issues Private Pilot Licence and Commercial Pilot Licence by the direct method. The Authority has                 developed the proper regulations and procedures for the issuance of this licence. Air Traffic Controller  Licence is usually issued by the direct                       method.


         ·          Conversion 

                The Authority also issues its own licence based on a foreign licence that the Authority has accepted as a way of demonstrating compliance                            with its own Regulations. Conversion of a licence allows the Authority to issue its own licence without establishing a full licensing system. The                      Authority has established a system to ensure the continued validity of the licence and to provide for additional ratings. Conversion of a licence                    from another ICAO Contracting State is done on an individual basis, which means checking each foreign licence to determine if a converted licence             can be issued

                 The Authority issues Private Pilot Licence, Commercial Pilot Licence and Airline Transport Pilot Licence by the conversion method. The                                    Authority has developed a system to ensure continuing validity of the issued licence and to provide for additional ratings. Air Traffic Controller                    Licence can also be issued by the conversion method.


        ·           Validation

            The Authority can also render valid for use on aircraft on its own registry a licence issued by an ICAO Contracting State. Validation is the action                    taken by the Authority in accepting a licence issued by another ICAO Contracting State as the equivalent of its own licence.Validation contrary to a              conversion cannot be used without the supporting licence kept valid. The validity of the validation is always conditional to the continuing validity of            the supporting licence.