Human Resources

The Human Resource (HR) Department is central to the TTCAA’s operations in the achievement of its strategic objectives. It promotes a positive and engaging work environment while identifying and responding to the changing needs of its diverse community. The responsibilities HR continue to increase in importance and complexity as it impacts on culture and its business strategy. It serves as a steward for excellence and leadership through:

* Strategic Planning for organisational effectiveness

* Innovative HR solutions

* Exceptional quality of services

* Recruitment, retention and enrichment

* Training and Development

* Compensation and Benefits administration

* Performance Management

* Industrial Relations

HR is a partner in driving strategies from a legal, ethical, and long-term planning perspective. It plays a critical role in the accomplishment of the Authority’s strategic objectives. It adopts a contemporary approach in developing and implementing human and industrial relation strategies to ensure the quality, motivation and commitment of staff. Additionally, it encompasses many aspects of (but not limited to):

* Coaching and mentoring to train and develop employee in building the capacity of the Authority.

* Communication and engagement.

* Compensation and benefits.

* Health, safety and environment.

* Training and development (in building the capacity of the organisation).


The focus is to engender a culture that would transform the TTCAA into a high performance value driven organization based on its core values and guiding principles. The Human Resources Department supports the realization of the Authority’s mission by providing quality human resource services to strengthen the employee/employer relationship and workforce support of the strategy and processes necessary to meet the Authority goals.


The Human Resource Department focuses efforts in providing and sustaining a work environment that facilitates optimum performance by all members of staff. It provides continuous training and development programmes to build the capacity of the organisation and provide upward mobility of staff.


In addition, the Department adopts a contemporary approach in other key areas of its HR functions as follows:

* Recruitment, Selection and Retention of staff.

* Sustainable employee training, growth and development.

* Constructive employee relations (employee satisfaction, engagement and performance).

* Performance Management (result oriented).


The HR Department implements appropriate methods to facilitate the following functions:

* Recruitment, development, reward and retention of employees with the right attitude and aptitude to meet present and future organizational requirements.

* The review of the performance management system to ensure alignment with the Authority’s strategic objectives and the individual and personal objectives of employees.

* Developing strategies to better facilitate career development and succession planning.

* Providing training and development opportunities to build and sustain a high performing, flexible and motivated workforce.

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