Overview of Personnel Licensing Department

The Licensing Section develops and administers standards applicable to air transport and general aviation operations in respect of aircraft  registration, aerodromes including heliports, aviation personnel and aviation medicine. The Licensing Section is responsible for the following:


·     The developing and maintaining standards, advisory material and procedures, providing advice to industry, the Authority officers and other Civil Aviation Authorities, overseeing examination delivery, supporting the Computer-based examination System and managing special cases of licence suspensions and cancellations.


·     The processing the medical certificate, recommending to the DGCA for Civil Aviation Medical Examiners for appointment and maintaining an AME database. 


·   The developing and maintaining standards and advisory material, undertaking licensing and approval entry control and renewal functions, developing and delivering examinations and providing advice to industry, and other officers of then


·      The developing and maintaining standards and advisory materials, administering the Trinidad and
Tobago Civil Aircraft Register

·    The developing and maintaining standards and advisory materials, licensing the aerodromes and heliports within the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, providing advice to industry.