Meet Our Technical Experts

Our Training Instructors keep current with Air Traffic Instructor Authorizations in accordance with regulatory requirements. 


  • Manager Civil Aviation Training Centre – Mr. Cary Price

  • Chief Instructor – Mr. Kervyn Billuoin
 Mr. Kervyn Billouin is the Chief Air Traffic Services Instructor at the CATC with over twenty five (25) years’ experience in aviation. Mr. Billouin holds a Master’s Degree in Aviation Management from the University of the West Indies and has successfully completed programmes from some of the world’s leading aviation training bodies such as ICAO, USC, and COSESNA to name a few. He is a licenced Air Traffic Controller. Kervyn’s love for people and his drive to improve the overall quality in the industry has seen him holding key positions in employee professional associations. He believes that the satisfaction one gets from assisting others to achieve their goals and ambitions is beyond comparison.
  • Air Traffic Services Instructor – Lorraine Ramjattan
A former Air Traffic Controller, Ms. Ramjattan has more than 20 years’ experience in the field of education. She taught high school Physics and Mathematics at the National examination levels and then returned to the Aviation industry at the CATC where she is one of our instructors on the Air Traffic Control Programme specializing in the areas of Theory of Fight, Navigation and Separation. She has completed a number of ICAO courses and has a specific interest in Course Development and On the Job training. A fitness and yoga enthusiast, Ms. Ramjattan also has an interest in understanding how people learn and what motivates them to excel in their area of study and in their lives.
  • Air Traffic Services Instructor – Mr. Rakesh Singh
Rakesh Singh entered the aviation field in January 1991 as an Air Traffic Controller. He obtained his ratings in Aerodrome and Approach control a year later. He then went on the pursue his Area Control ratings and was successful. Rakesh continued working as a fully qualified Aerodrome/Approach/Area controller for some years, working both in the Control Tower and in the Air Traffic Control Center. While working as an Air Traffic Controller he pursued additional training in On The Job Training Techniques and Effective Supervisory Skills. He later applied for the position of an ATS Trainer and was successful. He conducted OJT in Aerodrome/Approach/Area Control for five years and was then promoted to an ATS Examiner after successfully completing training in Examination techniques. In 2003 Rakesh successfully completed training in Radar Techniques at The Pan American Flight Academy in Miami. After returning to Trinidad, Rakesh pursued and was successfully in obtaining Ratings in Area Control Radar. Rakesh went on to become an OJT coach in Area Control with Radar Techniques and soon became a Licensed ATS Examiner in Air Traffic Control with Radar. Rakesh has conducted numerous Aviation related courses like Approach control with radar, Area control with Radar, Air Traffic Management  Equipment training, Training in Unusual Situation And Aircraft emergency, Team Resource Management and Complacency In Aviation. He was also involved in conducting ATS training for participants from Guyana and Aruba and spent time in Aruba delivering OJT. He was also heavily involved the implementation of the Piarco Air Traffic Control Future Air Navigation System (FANS). He played a key role in developing the training plan and Manops for this system and also delivered the required training to Air Traffic Controllers to operate this system. Rakesh joined the CATC in 2016 and delivered both theoretical and practical instructions in the various courses conducted at this institution. When not a work, he loves to cook and spends time in outdoor activities like fishing, and hiking. Outdoor cooking especially at beaches and rivers is his most favorite hobby.
  • Air Traffic Services Instructor – Mr. Malcolm De Peiza
Malcolm de. Peiza started his career as an Air Traffic Controller in 1975.  Malcolm served as Chairman of the Trinidad and Tobago Air Traffic Controllers Association in the 1990s.  He continued to serve internationally as the IFATCA representative on ICAO Regional ATS Sub Group and Task Forces. Malcolm joined the CATC as an Air Traffic Services Instructor in 1997 and was appointed Manager of the CATC in January 2011.  Upon his retirement in July 2015, he was retained as an ATS Instructor from September 2015 to present. Malcolm has a wealth of knowledge and is qualified in all aspects of ATC, Procedural and Radar/OJT.  He completed a number of international training programmes from ICAO, FAA, IATA, USC with specialist knowledge in Air Traffic Services Instructing. Malcolm undoubtedly has a passion for imparting his knowledge and experiences onto his students.
  • Air Traffic Services Instructor- Jennifer Boyce
Ms. Jennifer Boyce started as an Air Traffic Controller in 1981.  She worked in Tortola BVI from 1993 to 1995 and 2001 to 2003. In 2004, Ms. Boyce joined the Civil Aviation Training Centre as an Air Traffic Services Instructor.  Ms. Boyce has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of ATC Procedural and Radar, International Instructing (Basic and Advanced); Training Needs Assessment; Course Developing and is an Aviation Assessor for Proficiency in English Language. We are happy to have her on our Team of Experts.
  • Air Traffic Services Instructor – Shane Sookram
 Shane has over 19 years’ experience in Air Traffic Services, most of which were spent as an active duty Air Traffic Controller. Having achieved all his ratings for both Procedural and Radar Control, in 2012 Shane took the first step in embarking on his present journey of passing on his experience and knowledge, by completing his certification for On The Job Training. Shane has since completed several CATC, ICAO, JAATO and other courses geared to improving his instructing and delivery skills. In 2019, he made his move from Air Navigation Services to the Civil Aviation Training Centre, where he has become an integral part of a family of Air Traffic Services Instructors. Most students find him affable and family oriented.
  • Air Traffic Services Instructor – Mr. Jerome Martin
Mr. Jerome Martin has been an Air Traffic Controller for the past 20 years. Jerome achieved ratings in both the procedural and radar environment in the Tower, Aerodrome Approach, Enroute Approach and Oceanic Sector. He went on to become an On The Job Training Instructor in 2015 imparting his knowledge and experience to the eager trainees. Having a Masters in Aviation Management from the University of the West Indies, Jerome wanted to put this education to use in a meaningful way.  In 2018 he joined the CATC as an Air Traffic Services Instructor. As an ATS Instructor, Jerome attended and enhanced his Instructor certifications from a number of local and international organisations such as ICAO, JAATO, USC, UTT among others. Jerome is also a health and fitness coach and is also passionate about mental health and the well-being of others. We are happy to have him on the Team.
  • Air Traffic Services Instructor – Mr. Ashton Ramjohn
Mr. Ashton Fazal Ramjohn, Air Traffic Services Instructor is a certified and licensed Air Traffic Controller, Instructor and Examiner at the CATC. Ashton has over 15 years of experience in Air Traffic Control and training across all sectors of Air Traffic Control (Aerodrome, Approach & Area Control). As an Air Traffic Services Instructor, Ashton is trained and qualified by ICAO standards (TIC 1-3 to name a few) to conduct classroom / virtual lecturing and simulator training in all disciplines of air traffic control. In the last few years, Ashton has been actively involved in a lot of training for new and developing air traffic control in all disciplines in air traffic control before joining the CATC full time. Ashton is an aviation and auto enthusiast and who also enjoys travelling. We are happy to have him on the CATC Team.

Our Technology

Our training technology solutions incorporates live simulations suing Air Traffic Control Simulators.  This allows real world, realistic adaptability for research and training.  It has the adaptability to simulate up to ten (10) airports with a 270 degree panoramic view.  Our simulators can demonstrate gate to gate interactions and model actually interactions between pilots and controllers. Weather simulations can be simulated as close as possible to the real environment.

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