Personnel Licensing

What is a Personnel Licensing?

A personnel licence is the means by which the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago authorizes a licence holder to perform specific activities, which unless performed properly, could jeopardize the safety of aviation.


The licence provides the evidence that the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is satisfied that the holder has demonstrated an international acceptable degree of competency. A holder of a Trinidad and Tobago flight crew licence is entitled to act as a member of a flight crew in aircraft registered in Trinidad and Tobago within the privileges of the licence or rating concerned.


In terms of procedures, personnel licensing refers to the system of issuing, renewing and recording the documents that permit or authorise Flight Crew, Air Traffic Controllers, Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and Flight Operations Officer to perform their respective duties.


In terms of policy, personnel licensing is one of the means the Authority uses to maintain the safety of air travel and airspace both for members of the aviation industry and the general public. The licensing system ensures that all personnel involved in duty essential to civilian aviation are properly trained and proficient. This is achieved by: 


       ·     Requiring anyone who wishes to perform any duty essential to the operation of civil aviation in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago or 

            on  a Trinidad and Tobago aircraft during flight to hold an appropriate permit or authorisation. 

 ·    Controlling the qualifications flight crew, air traffic controllers, aircraft maintenance engineers and flight operations officer must have before                        they are permitted to perform.

      ·      Controlling who may train and test the proficiency of flight crew, air traffic controllers, aircraft maintenance engineers and flight operations                          officer to ensure they meet the required standards. 

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