Corporate Planning Department (CPD)

The Corporate Planning Department (CPD) was established in 2015 to function as a centralized coordinating body to effectively align, implement and monitor strategies that fulfil both divisional and overarching goals for the Authority.  


The CPD administers the corporate planning and budgeting requirements, as prescribed in Part V and VI of the Civil Aviation Act. The primary responsibilities of the CPD include:


Strategic Planning:

·    Coordination of the strategic planning activities which include the establishment of the strategic  goals, strategies to support those goals and operational objectives of the TTCAA through  discussions with the Board, the Director General and Management team.                                          

·    Compilation and finalization of the TTCAA’s Corporate Plan for submission to the Ministry of Works and Transport (MOWT).

·     Monitoring and reporting to management on the performance of the Corporate Plan.                   

·    Periodic monitoring and review of the impact of national and industry wide changes on the  Corporate  Plan.



·   Coordination of the Draft Estimates of Revenue and Recurrent Expenditure (Recurrent Budget)   processes within the TTCAA, for submission to the MOWT.

·         Monitoring and reporting to management on the status of the Recurrent Budget.

·         Compilation and submission of all Statutory Reports to the MOWT.

·         Coordination of the Capital Budgeting processes within the TTCAA.

·         Monitoring and reporting to management on the status of the Capital Budget.


In addition to the planning and budgeting obligations prescribed by the Act, the CPD is responsible for:

Enterprise Risk Management

·   Collaboration with management of the TTCAA in the establishment of an ERM framework to identify and monitor the risk factors likely to affect aviation safety in the aviation industry, as prescribed in the TTCAA Act.


Contract Administration

·       Establishment and monitoring of the contract administration process within the TTCAA.


Insurance Portfolio

·   Managing the insurance portfolio of the TTCAA with the purpose of providing adequate liability coverage for its physical assets, infrastructure, operations and employees.


Production of the Annual Report

·         Coordination and compilation of the Annual Report to the relevant Ministries.

The CPD is staffed by the Manager of Corporate Planning, two (2) Cost and Budget Analysts and one (1) Planning Officer. 

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