Governance in Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority

The Board and Management of the TTCAA is committed to strengthening the governance structure through a robust Governance, Risk and Compliance Program. The program will ensure that the TTCAA is governed with adequate formal policies, procedures, guidelines and internal controls to minimize risks, promote transparency, integrity, and accountability and encourage conduct that meets the standards of an exemplary organization.

The Governance, Compliance and Risk Management Program will aim to ensure that the TTCAA reliably achieves its objectives, address uncertainty and conducts its business processes with the highest level of integrity. The Program will consider the tone at the top, corporate culture, risk assessments, and audit and monitoring.

The Management of the TTCAA will provide an effective orientation to ensure that the Board is au courant with the functions and responsibilities of the organization in accordance with the Civil Aviation Act, International Civil Aviation Standards and Recommended Practices and Conventions.  The Board and Committee Charters in conjunction with the orientation program will be utilized as an induction tool for all new Board Members. The TTCAA is committed to ensuring that the Board is trained annually in best practices in governance, risk management and compliance to execute the Board functions at the highest level.

The synergy derived from a symbiotic Board / Management relationship delivers tremendous value to the operation of any entity. Cognizant of this reality, the TTCAA will implement measures to ensure that the Board and Management interface is effective and highly facilitative of the achievement of the strategic objectives of the TTCAA.

Through the Office of the Corporate Secretary / Legal Officer, the TTCAA will ensure that all Board decisions are timely communicated to the relevant Executive Manager for implementation. The TTCAA will ensure an effective method of disseminating corporate communication to staff is implemented.

The TTCAA will adherence to its core values and in that regard, a corporate code of ethics and business conduct policy will be established to guide the professional behaviour of the Management and Staff. The TTCAA is committed to building an effective, proactive audit framework and maintain audit programs in line with best practices while also monitoring adherence to the policies and principles requiring compliance. 

To ensure continual improvement in our governance framework, the TTCAA will periodically review our program and implement best practices in governance.

Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority

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