Information Technology (IT) Department

Our Information Technology Department is responsible for analysing, implementing, designing and maintaining current and new systems. The role of IT in delivering its services has grown over the years.  Today IT is an indispensable contributor to the success of the Authority. With a robust information technology infrastructure that is properly managed and implemented, the department has been optimally positioned to achieve its mission. 

The department’s mission and vision recognizes the evolution of IT best practices and aim to deliver what is best – from the Aviation Industry – into the Authority’s functional departments. The process of continually checking the alignment of the department’s mission and vision with modern technologies and the evolving aviation industry is lengthy. However, since IT mission and vision alignment is critical to producing a viable IT strategy, the department’s alignment efforts are noted in our operational process and weigh heavily in the IT strategy formation.  

Functions of the Information Technology Department 

Our primary function is to maintain a high availability for all computer hardware and software; voice, data, network, satellite and other telecommunications technologies, multimedia and application development tools.  

We provide and assist functional departments in creating innovative solutions to meet our customers’ requirements. The department is taking a leadership role in providing a strategic IT orientation, assessing and acquiring appropriate technology, and looking for opportunities to use information technology to provide improved levels of service to the Authority. 

 The Information Technology Department has committed to develop, implement, and continuously update architecture and standards to optimize the efficiency, effectiveness and support to the Authority. 

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