TAC Index


TAC-001ACertification of an Air OperatorAir Operator2, 3, 4,
5, 7
TAC-002BCertification of an Approved Maintenance
Approved Maintenance Organization607-Nov-2008
TAC-003AOperator’s Quality SystemAir Operator325-Apr-2005
TAC-004AMaintenance Quality by Reliability MethodsAir Operator2, 3, 5,
6, 7
TAC-005BUse of Portable Electronic Device Aboard AircraftAir Operator201-Jul-2019
TAC-006CControl of Aircraft MassAir Operator225-Apr-2005
TAC-007APassenger Safety Information Briefing and Briefing
Air Operator2, 309-Mar-2005
TAC-008BGuidance for Operations in Special Airspaces and
RNAV Routes and Procedures
Air Operator1, 209-Mar-2007
TAC-009BCompany Indoctrination TrainingAir Operator2, 306-Jul-2005
TAC-010ACrew Resource Management TrainingAir Operator2, 325-Feb-2005
TAC-011AAircraft Ground Handling and ServicingAir Operator223-Mar-2005
TAC-012DForeign Operator Requirement for Operations
Foreign Operator1025-Oct-2006
TAC-013ACarry-On BaggageAir Operator207-Mar-2005
TAC-014Maintenance Contractual ArrangementAir Operator3, 520-Apr-2005
TAC-015DAn Introduction to The Trinidad and Tobago Civil
Regulations 2004 (TTCARs)
General1 – 1927-Jun-2017
TAC-016Training, Qualification and Certification of Non- Destructive Testing (NDT) PersonnelGeneral1, 5, 604-Oct-2013
TAC-017AApproved Maintenance Organization Training
Program Approval Process
Approved Maintenance Organization606-Apr-2005
TAC-018ALarge Aircraft Ground De-IcingAir Operator221-Mar-2005
TAC-019AGround Deicing and Anti-Icing ProgramAir Operator2, 3, 510-Mar-2005
TAC-020AFinancial AssessmentAir Operator311-Apr-0205
TAC-021BExchange and use of Continuing Airworthiness
Air Operator524-Mar-2005
TAC-022EAirworthiness Certificate and Special Flight PermitAirworthiness527-Sep-2013
TAC-023DMajor Modifications and Major RepairsAirworthiness504-Oct-2013
TAC-024HAmendments to TTCARGeneral1 – 1927-Jun-2017
TAC-025AAir Operator Training Program Approval ProcessAir Operator310-Mar-2005
TAC-026BAuthenticity and Serviceability of Aircraft PartsAirworthiness502-Feb-2007
TAC-027ACrew Flight and Duty Time SchemeAir Operator214-Apr-2005
TAC-028AAircraft Lease and InterchangeAir Operator314-Apr-2005
TAC-029AAircraft Wet Lease ArrangementsAir Operator316-Mar-2005
TAC-030BMinimum Equipment List (MEL)Air Operator2, 329-Jan-2009
TAC-031BAccident Prevention and Flight Safety Program and
Occurrence Reporting
Air Operator2, 3, 506-Jul-2005
TAC-032Check Airman Approval and SurveillanceAir Operator229-Nov-2005
TAC-033Approval of B-RNAV and P-RNAVAir Operator12-Apr-2005
TAC-034CAcceptance of a Foreign Far 145 Repair StationApproved Maintenance Organization612- May-
TAC-035CAcceptance of a Foreign CAR 573 AMOApproved Maintenance Organization612- May-
TAC-036CAcceptance of a Foreign JAR/EASA 145 AMOApproved Maintenance Organization615-May-2013
TAC-037Developing ATO Training and Procedures ManualsApproved Training Organization905-Apr-2006
TAC-038Use of an Electronic Manual SystemAir Operator2, 3, 1006-Apr-2006
TAC-039AGround Instructor Qualifications and TrainingAir Operator2, 5, 6,
8, 12,
TAC-040BCertification of an Aviation Training OrganizationApproved Training Organization907-Mar-2018
TAC-041Quality System for an ATOApproved Training Organization1, 2, 925-Jan-2006
TAC-042Flight Safety Documents SystemAir Operator323-Mar-2006
TAC-043Dangerous Goods Information Applicability for
Transport and Training
Air Operator214-Jun-2010
TAC-044Guidance on Developing a Safety Management
Air Operator315-Nov-2006
TAC-045AImplementation Of TTCAR 16 – Pecuniary PenaltiesAir Operator1601-Jul-2007
TAC-049Voluntary Incident Reporting SystemAir Operator1414-Jun-2013
TAC-050Aircraft Welding Approvals and QualificationsAirworthiness524-Jan-2014
TAC-051Aircraft Noise Validation CertificateAirworthiness512-Mar-2014
TAC-054Electronic Flight Bag CertificationAir Operator209-May-2017
TAC-058Approval of Aviation Training DevicesApproved Training Organization120-Aug-2019
TAC-AD001Application for an Aerodrome LicenceAerodrome1204-Jan-2007
TAC-AD002Requirements for Aerodrome Rescue and FirefightingAerodrome1204-Jan-2007
TAC-AD003Control of ObstaclesAerodrome1204-Jan-2007
TAC-AD004Aerodrome ManualAerodrome1218-Oct-2006
TAC-AD005Aerodrome StandardsAerodrome1215-Nov-2006
TAC-AD006Aerodrome Safety During Aerodrome WorksAerodrome1215-Nov-2006
TAC-AD007Guidance Material on Conducting Aeronautical
Studies and Risk Assessment
TAC-AD008Guidance Material on Assessing and Reporting the
Condition of the Movement Area
TAC-ANS001AGuidance on Development of an Operations Manual
for Air Navigation Services
Air Navigation Services1514-May-2007
TAC-PEL001BAviation Language ProficiencyPersonnel Licensing1, 2, 1528-Nov-2007
TAC-PEL050Subject Matter Codes for Airman Knowledge TestingPersonnel Licensing102-Oct-2006
TAC-PEL051Airman Knowledge Testing Authorization
Requirements Matrix
Personnel Licensing102-Oct-2006
TAC-PEL052Test Aids and Materials that may be used by
Applicants for Knowledge Tests
Personnel Licensing102-Oct-2006
TAC-PEL053Student Pilot Pre-Solo TestPersonnel Licensing116-Jun-2014
TAC-PEL055Private Pilot Licence Knowledge TestsPersonnel Licensing102-Oct-2006
TAC-PEL056Private Pilot Licence Skill Test StandardsPersonnel Licensing102-Oct-2006
TAC-PEL059Designated Flight Test Examiner Knowledge Test
Personnel Licensing102-Oct-2006
TAC-PEL060Instrument Rating Knowledge TestsPersonnel Licensing102-Oct-2006
TAC-PEL061Instrument Rating Skill Test StandardsPersonnel Licensing102-Oct-2006
TAC-PEL065Commercial Pilot Licence Knowledge TestsPersonnel Licensing102-Oct-2006
TAC-PEL066Commercial Pilot Licence Skill TestPersonnel Licensing102-Oct-2006
TAC-PEL070Ground And Flight Instructor Knowledge Test GuidePersonnel Licensing102-Oct-2006
TAC-PEL071Flight Instructor Skill Test StandardsPersonnel Licensing102-Oct-2006
TAC-PEL075Airline Transport Pilot Licence Knowledge TestsPersonnel Licensing102-Oct-2006
TAC-PEL076Airline Transport Pilot Licence and Type Rating Skill
Test Standards
Personnel Licensing102-Oct-2006
TAC-PEL079Designated Flight Operations Officer Examiner Skill
Test Standards
Personnel Licensing102-Oct-2006
TAC-XL001ARotorcraft External-Load OperationsAerial Work1109-Feb-2009

Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority

"Provision of a Regulatory Framework to facilitate a Safe, Secure and Effective Aviation Industry and Air Navigation Services within the Piarco Flight Information Region"

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