Health and Safety Executive

The Health and Safety Department is responsible for formulating, developing and implementing the Authority’s occupational safety and health policies, procedures and plans. Regular occupational safety audits and monitoring and general housekeeping inspections serve to mitigate hazards and assure a free, safe and comfortable working environment.

One of the department’s main thrust as it relates to health and safety education and awareness amongst staff has been the implementation of universal safety training sensitizing staff to the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) ACT No. 1 of 2004 (as amended), Fire Safety, the Use of Fire Extinguishers, Emergency Evacuation Procedures, First-Aid and CPR, and other safety initiatives that include Construction Safety Awareness for Facilities Maintenance Staff. Health and Safety training is one of the core responsibilities of the Department and this is ongoing to build a well-trained workforce.

The Health and Safety Committee ensures that all operations at the TTCAA are conducted in accordance with the compliance requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act No. 1 of 2004 (as amended), the Environmental Management Act 2000, and all other applicable local statutes and international standards and best practices. The committee responsibilities include, but are not limited to, facilitating consultation and co-operation between Management and employees in initiating, developing, and implementing measures designed to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all employees at the workplace.

With the formation of the Health and Safety Committee, the Authority regularly reviews its major risks. In so doing, risk assessment procedures, audits, inspections and control measures are put in place and regularly appraised. Reviews result in the establishment of strategies that ensure ongoing hazard identification and mitigation through the use of proper health, safety and environmental management techniques.