Air Operator

The Air Operator Certificate [AOC]

Part III of The Civil Aviation Act 11 of 2001 (as amended) is the legal empowerment to the Trinidad & Tobago Civil Aviation Authority to grant Air Operators Certificates under TTCAR 3: Part II


Contents of an AOC

The AOC is a single page document which conforms to the ICAO Annex 6 format
• List of items on AOC
• Operations Specifications (OpSpec)


Carriage Onboard

TTCAR 2:11 (1A) states that ‘A true certified copy of his air operator certificate and…’ is required on board the aircraft

Operations Specifications (OpSpec)

The Operations Specification is applicable for each aircraft model in the operator’s fleet, identified by aircraft make, model and series. The OpSpec defines the list of authorizations, conditions and limitations and shall include the issuing authority contact details, operator name and AOC number, date of issue and signature of the authority representative, aircraft model, types and area of operations, special limitations and authorizations

TTCAR 2:11 (1A) stipulates that a copy of the OpSpec relevant to the aircraft type must be carried onboard


Requirements of the Issue of an AOC

TTCAA Advisory Circular ‘TAC-001A’ (as amended) gives detailed information and guidance on the requirements for the application of an Air Operator Certificate

Flight Simulation Training Devices

Flight Simulation Training Devices, be it a Flight Training Device (FTD) or Full Flight Simulator (FFS), must be approved by the TTCAA before an Air Operator can use the device to conduct training, testing or checking in accordance with its approved training program. Guidance for the approval process for FTDs and FFS is provide in the Advisory Circulars as an accepted means of compliance with the TTCARs

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